The changes that define new higher education structures in terms training, teaching and skills development imply the commitment with plural, creative and innovative proposals in various fields, including learning assessment.

This tool goes beyond rating the students' progress or achievements. Assessment has become crucial in the direction of learning: when the sense of evaluation and its object are understood in a systematic rigorous manner, assessment guides, inspires, offers alternative ways, helps discover learning styles and turns into potentiality and improvement. In the context of the ALFA III (2011)-10 DevalSimWeb Project "Developing professional competencies through participatory evaluation and simulation using web tools", with the participation of six universities, two from Europe and four from Latin America —Durham University, Universidad de Cádiz, Universidad de Antioquia, Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional Agraria de Nicaragua, and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador at Ibarra—, we advance in the construction of new forms of learning assessment in higher education. In this context, "CIEVES 2014, International Conference on Learning Assessment in Higher Education: Training and Experiences" is a platform to recognize and expand the boundaries of knowledge on evaluation in higher education; This means to discuss concepts, compare experiences, research results and innovations, exchange ideas with those who share the common interest in teacher and student training in evaluation as an element that invigorates teaching and the self-regulation of learning.

CIEVES 2014 is a meeting place for higher education professionals, researchers and students who are interested in learning assessment. We are inviting you all to submit your works in one of the modalities of our Conference.

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